How to write a corporate video brief (and free template).

If you are planning to create a corporate video content for your business or brand, you definitely need to start with a well written brief for a video producer (video production agency or freelancer). 


Having over 8 years experience in video production, I know what a great brief looks like. And based on over 100 briefs, I designed a corporate video brief template which you can download and use (for free). 


Whether you are planning to produce explainer video for your service or product, a promotional video advert or client testimonial video – this template will make the communication process with the video producer much easier!

Free corporate video brief template

Learn how to lay out your brief properly and ensure your videos are produced simply & effectively. 

5 questions to ask yourself to write a clear video brief.

A storyboard is a simplified visual representation of how the video will unfold. It helps me and my client to see how the explainer video will look visually before it is animated. And usually, the storyboard looks like a sequence of images with notes, script, and directions.

Already looks complicated… So why make a storyboard?

Below is a list of 5 questions you should ask yourself to make such a video brief that will result in a smooth production process and an outstanding result-driven video!

1. Why do you want to make this video?

It is important to be clear about the purpose of the video content. You can be very detailed. Write down if the video should increase traffic or attract new customers and generate leads. A smooth and successful video production process depends on how well you’ve defined the ultimate goals of the video content and how you are going to measure the success.

2. What is your target audience?

Who will be watching your video? Will it be leads, clients, your employees, or other stakeholders? You need to know the audience in order to tailor the video content specifically for them. Write down a few keywords describing the audience.

3. Consider style and provide references.

Providing examples of the videos is a good way to let the video creator know what style of video you are looking after and what are your expectations. If you are unsure, let the video producer know and he can suggest what style of the video can fit your brand. 

4. Where will the video be distributed?

Include information on distribution channels. The format of the video and production process will depend on whether the video is going to be published on a website, different social media platforms or TV. 


Different channels will require specific video duration, ratio, resolution and call to action. For example, if the video will be uploaded to YouTube, a video producer can suggest designing and adding YouTube end screens to promote other video content or subscribe to the channel. 

5. What is the deadline and budget?

Last but not least, share when you are planning to launch the video. Keep in mind that before the video is ready to be published it might go through 1-3 rounds of revisions. 


You might not know how much a production of video content might cost, but it’s good to have an idea of how much you can spend on the video and set realistic budgets. A video producer will guide you through different budget options and ways to optimise the production. 

Take the first steps: contact me to start working on your next video project.

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Corporate video brief template

Remember that the more information you can include in the brief before the video production begins – more likely you will have a successful video content that will meet your goals. 


This simple video brief template lists all necessary questions and provides the example answers, so that you know what the video producer expects to see in the filled out brief. 


Download my template and get started today!

Free corporate video brief template

Learn how to lay out your brief properly and ensure your videos are produced simply & effectively.