Employer Branding Video Production

Your best way to attract new talents.

Showcase your company’s culture, values, and mission.

A well-crafted employer branding video content not only helps in attracting top talent but also retains existing employees by showcasing the best of what your organization has to offer.

We've worked with them

We do the heavy-lifting.

Our framework for Employer Branding videos makes production a breeze.
We produce the video content in four clear steps.

We guarantee an individual approach to your project, considering your target audience, business goals, and KPIs. 

In the kick-off meeting, we go trough your wants and needs for the video content, and it takes just 30 minutes of your time.

Based on the kick-off interview, we schedule the production.

On this day we will film the material for the video content. We offer on-site support and training.

We edit and deliver the video content based on your wants and needs within agreed schedule.

Showcase your company culture with video

And we’re not just talking about the perks, growth opportunities, and company benefits (although those are excellent, too). We’re referring to company culture.

Our team prides itself on working closely with our clients to deliver high-quality videos that are true to the company’s beliefs, values, and personality. We want to capture authenticity above all, so we’ll collaborate with you every step of the way. 

Price: €3,800 – €6,000

Video Content Packages


€ 2,400
  • Half day filming
  • x4 30-second videos
  • Additional x4 30-second videos: 1200€


€ 3,000
  • Full day filming
  • x8 30-second videos
  • Additional x4 30-second videos: 1200€


€ 3,800
  • Full day filming
  • x10 30-second videos
  • Additional x4 30-second videos: 1200€

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Our top FAQ

An employer branding video is a video that showcases an organization’s culture, values, and work environment to potential candidates and employees. It typically includes interviews with current employees, footage of the workplace, and testimonials from employees and executives.

Price depends on the complexity of the video and your budget. Typically, it takes 1-2 days to film the video on-site and 2-3 more days for editing, which results in roughly 3600€-6000€.

Don’t think you have the budget? Talk to us anyway and we’ll help you come up with a solution.

Usually we start editing the video on the next working day after the on-site filming, and are ready to present you the first draft within five working days.

After that, the timeline depends on how many revision rounds we are going to have. We are doing our best to keep the revision rounds to a minimum!

We are based in Helsinki, Finland. Our core crew can film across the Finland. 

However, we have capacity to film internationally as well due to the partnerships with other video producers around the globe. 

Already have video material you want to use? Perfect!

We can definitely use it for a new video content. And in this case we will charge only for editing.