Testimonial Video Production

Have customers in Finland? Get them on camera.

We specialize in creating engaging and powerful customer testimonial videos that build brands, boost trust and increase sales.

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What’s included in our
testimonial video production?

1. Discovery Call and Strategy Session

Meet your dedicated account manage and discuss the details over a 30-minutes call.

2. Coaching for your Customer onsite

We will coach your customer before the filming date and provide the support during the filming. 

3. Filming and editing the video

2 hours commitment – takes place at a time and location convenient to your customer. 

Testimonial videos
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Depending on the style, a client testimonial video production typically costs between €2’400-5’000. That tends to include a one-day shoot at the subject’s home or office, your office, or a rented studio, interviewing your customer(s), and editing all of the footage together to create a cohesive narrative that tells an authentic story and paints you as the hero. 

Customer stories usually takes 2-4 weeks to produce. The biggest challenge is coordinating the schedules of you, your customer, and our team for the day of the shoot. Once we have pre-production logistics figured out, the rest is cake.


It’s true that the barrier to creating video content is lower than ever, and if you have the skills and equipment in house to execute properly, then that’s definitely an option! However many companies end up falling short when they try the ‘DIY’ approach. Hiring a testimonial video production company gives you access to the best equipment and expertise – We bring our own camera and lighting setup, which are expensive purchases for businesses who aren’t planning to use them every day. The whole point of great testimonial videos is to impress potential customers. If you can do this in-house, great! But our advice is simple: don’t undermine the value of video testimonials by sacrificing production value.


Discovery Call
Meet your dedicated account manager.

We work with you to suggest content and questions.

45 minute commitment – takes place at a time and location convenient to your customer.

Includes music and your company branding.

Final files provided in Mp4 format.

We provide you with a marketing action plan to make the most of your testimonials.


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