Corporate video production.

We make video content with impact, such as: explainers, B2B and B2C customer testimonials, interviews, event films and more.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, we are an independent corporate video production company.

See real results, created by the video production company consistently rated five-stars.

Communication was quick and clear and they truly listened to our wants and wishes.

We are satisfied with his professionalism and quality and for sure will continue this collaboration.

Phenomenal job assembling the video exactly how our company envision the final product.

Quick response rate along with respecting the deadlines. My company is working with Lumux over the years.

Animation videos

Live action videos

Video for every stage of your customer journey.

We produce videos for customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Need a brand video, product video or social media videos? Lumux is the video production company built to handle it all.

  • Videos for customer acquisition

    See immediate improvements to your performance campaigns, and lowered cost per acquisition.

  • Videos for engagement

    Get unrivalled engagement and view rates across new product updates that go live to your existing customers.

  • Videos for retention

    Demonstrate workflows and product power features. Turn your users into experts, and retain them for longer.



The Role of Video in the SaaS Customer Journey

As a SaaS provider, it is essential to understand the customer journey and how to effectively engage with potential customers at each stage. One powerful tool that can help you do this is video. From raising awareness to building trust and providing ongoing engagement, video can be a valuable tool at every stage of the SaaS customer journey.


How to Use Video for Customer Support

Whether you’re launching a new product, service, or feature, your launch video is an essential part of your marketing strategy.